This event will allow me to take my business to the next level. It also allows me to connect with business owners worldwide to expand globally. JT Foxx is a genius. To be able to attract, not only high net worth students, but also high quality coaches... The perfect formula for success.
Imran Simon , United States
He is obviously great at what he does and you always learn something new from him. What I love most about him is his honesty along with his nice heart.
Linnea Kimpe, Sweden
I learned so much from attending the presentation AND I nearly did not come due to severe pain  ...waiting knee replacements. Since then I have grabbed and created opportunities 1. Have a deal with a publisher to finish one book and write three more In the Arms of Angels Magic for Muggles Gypsy Magic Bip and Bop   a children's story I have also completed and submitted the first draft of inspiration cards, they are with the artist at the moment. And now the BIG stuff I have assembled years of knowledge and learning into a unique healing system which will become bigger than Reiki ever was. I have a website in process I have created and recorded 2 meditations I have booked a spot at Conscious Living Expo with TWO speaking spots I have teamed up with an amazing lady called Jo Kinear  to produce exclusive oil blends and Astrological Angel Sprays. I have been approached by the publisher to produce a series of oil blends and sprays to be released with the Inspirational cards. So yes I have been busy and will be for quite a while yet. I might add this has all been achieved on a very limited budget ...but that will change! My thanks to the presenters, they gave me the incentive and tools to move forward. Once this is all up and running I will be taking on the advice and attending courses. I am confident this venture of mine will be an incredible financial success so once again thank you! Check out It has been a massive move forward for me Next step - Get the system out there & teach practitioners Practitioners will only be able to access product via the website and if wished be able to sell thus creating a stream of passive income Angel products available to everyone  ..web at first  ..then we will allow practitioners to onsell. So once again thanks and blessings  Bless Maggie
Margaret Sinton, Australia
JT is always full of energy. He's straight to the point and gives practical business tips.
Patrick Tang , Thailand
This was a fantastic, motivational and life changing event. It confirmed that I am ready to make major changes in my life. JT Foxx is indeed the Worlds #1 Wealth Coach!
Phumi Nhlapo, South Africa