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I’ve seen more success and results in the last twelve months than I’ve seen ever before.
JT gave me the courage and the belief in myself that I can do it.
My branding became so powerful and today I have so many high net-worth clients who are happy to fund my deals.
Through JT's coaching, I have learned to develop my business to such a degree that our foundation is solid and we can build our net towards bigger growth.
For any of you who are thinking about working with JT, just do it now. You won't regret your decision.

Thank you Mr. Foxx...proud to be a member of the family!

I had the good fortune to meet JT Foxx at an event in the Chicago area in June of 2015. At that time my business was struggling as was I with how to break out of a rut and grow again. The event was very small, only a handful of people so I didn't expect JT to even show up much less make an impact, but sure enough he was there with his "A" team, Coach D & Coach Jason. Long story short, at one point JT pulled me up on the stage & stripped away all the hype & appearances and got down to the nitty gritty and read me like an open book during an impromptu coaching session. The experience both humbled me and thrilled me at the same time. I became involved in the organization and attended the Empire Builder event in Chicago in September, meeting Nido Qubein in the process. At that conference, I had the good fortune to meet two other Foxx family members who have invited us to participate in a new business with them! I've also taken my existing business that was struggling and established a growth trajectory that it hasn't seen in a long time and we're now spinning off a division of that company into a standalone company here in the next month or so! All of this due to coaching with the JT Foxx organization! So to review: 1) Met JT & I was in the doldrums 2) A year later I have 3 businesses, two of which are new, and we're moving upward! Thank you Mister Foxx...proud to be a member of the family! Chris Ludwig, USA

JT is doing wonders with the message he is spreading

The event was excellent and presented in a very structured way with an amazing amount of invaluable information. It has given us a blueprint for steps to start implementing into our business immediately which will produce measurable results. Together with tag coaching, we are positive that this will be the best investment we have make into our business. JT is doing wonders with the message he is spreading and the amazing family he is building. The networking will be invaluable to all. Norman Pilossof, South Africa

I love that JT Foxx is very authentic

I love that JT Foxx is very authentic, talks straight from his experience, is very thoughtful, and he has even fulfilled his workshop here. JT Foxx is going to keep coming back and teaching so that the levels of success increases. Not many coaches do that! I’ve enjoyed the 2-day event with JT Foxx. Oei Aisoen, Singapore

JT Foxx, The NO:1 wealth coach in the world

JT Foxx, The NO:1 wealth coach in the world gives me everything I need so I can be the best me and reach every goal I have in life. Live training, coaches, a system and everything I need. JT Foxx is a man with a vision of helping millions of people become millionaires. I am very happy to be together with other people that have big business goals in life. Nothing can stop me now! Lars Petrén, Sweden

Since meeting JT Foxx, my life has been a roller coaster

When I encountered JT Foxx I do have to say that since then my life has been a roller coaster! I have taken all his advice and experience in like a sponge... I have been closely learning from amazing entrepreneurs who have built multi million pound companies and I have met some more amazing friends at ‪#‎familyreunion‬ and some soon to be business partners. I have started two (soon to be three) companies, planning on expanding my already owned small catering business, written my first eBook (soon to be best seller in Amazon), spoken on international stages to people in over 51 countries and I will never look back. Vikki Thomas, United Kingdom