JT Foxx is a genius

This event will allow me to take my business to the next level. It also allows me to connect with business owners worldwide to expand globally. JT Foxx is a genius. To be able to attract, not only high net worth students, but also high quality coaches... The perfect formula for success.

Get you where you want to be

The organization will get you to where you want to be if you do what they say. The investment in myself is so worth the money spent and will have an ROI of unlimited value.

Good wake up call

This event was a good wake up call. There was great value and content you can implement in business. I like that JT Foxx brings people together to make it easier to do business.

Tells you what you need to hear

JT tells you what you need to hear. No BS! He is tough and not afraid to confront people.

He is crazy!

He is crazy! His direct approach prompts thoughts and gives direction. I started out at the event with confusion about my next steps, but having been surrounded by successful people who share their stories and gave me guidance, I now have a plan for the next 6 months. JT and his event were very helpful and it was an unbelievable experience.

JT Foxx is good

The event was very direct and real, Truly successful stories and formulas were shared. It gave me direction that I need to finally find my break through. JT is very confident, realistic on what works and what doesn't, still very human you still see on him "a person" like you.


This was Awesome! Exceeded my expectations. Days were engaging, every minute felt useful. The coaches were diverse enough, inspiring and fun. Our group was the perfect size. I've already signed up for Lifetime Dream Team. I recently saw JT in Dallas and appreciated what felt like a shift in his demeanor - more personal and approachable. In general, I think he's a powerful, amazing, inspiring, caring man on a remarkable journey. I'm grateful for this chance to get to know him & his organization.

Phenomenal Speaker & Businessman

Excellent learning experience!! Top-level coaches & entrepreneurs. I believe that it will be a game changer for me, my husband, & our companies. We now have a top coach coming to our company in Norway to increase our success. JT is direct, honest, & a phenomenal speaker & businessman.

Dream Team was Awesome

The Dream Team was awesome. Being with like-minded people, seeing their struggles and success, and sharing in their coaching, was motivational and educational. The coaches told me what I needed to hear. Our mindset has changed, Our confidence is high. We will use techniques from class to keep mindset and confidence high.I will have other people keep us accountable for what we plan to accomplish. We will create a step by step plan. Hold monthly / weekly meeting to see if on track and step it up if need be to get back on schedule. Work with business partner (wife) to clearly define our roles and use our strengths to our advantage and compatibility. There are only two people who change my life since becoming an adult. My wife, and JT Foxx. I a...

Best Investment

Best investment of my time since starting my business 1 1/2 years ago. So much great info. The coaches are phenomenal, very down to earth and willing to share their time & talent. JT is very smart to have set up such a great organization!

Made the vision of my company crystal clear.

This event will be a reference point for me when I come back to speak as a success story. The combination of coaches and the other members of the JT Foxx Family have for the first time made the vision of my company crystal clear. This event helped me refocus my energy and direction in building my company by identifying where my greatest ROI is located.

The Event was very Direct and Real

The event was very direct and real, Truly successful stories and formulas were shared. It gave me direction that I need to finally find my break through. JT is very confident, realistic on what works and what doesn't, still very human you still see on him "a person" like you.

JT is a man of his word

I think the event was great, full of information, with many helpful tips. I am positive that participating in this event will put me on the might track to success. JT is a man of his word, delivering results.

I learned how to be more transformational

I learned how to be more transformational. I didn't understand the word until this weekend. This event will show me how to be more focused for my business personally. Importantly, how to grow financially. JT is very personable, that made each person feel welcome. Importantly, he is very direct and fun.

Awesome, Life Changing

WOW! Packed with information to transform your company. This knowledge will help to move the company to higher profits through proper structuring. Awesome, Life Changing

He is full of energy, a great speaker

Helped put a few things in ling - it made me think about things I was concerned about in more depth. This event showed me that Everything is possible, to be on the next level or 2. He is full of energy, a great speaker and captures the people.


I had the good fortune to meet JT Foxx at an event in the Chicago area in June of 2015. At that time my business was struggling as was I with how to break out of a rut and grow again. The event was very small, only a handful of people so I didn't expect JT to even show up much less make an impact but sure enough he was there with his "A" team, Coach Dana Van Hoose & Coach Jason Evers. Long story short at one point JT pulled me up on the stage & stripped away all the hype & appearances and got down to the nitty gritty and read me like an open book during an impromptu coaching session. The experience both humbled me and thrilled me at the same time. I became involved in the organization and attended the Empire Builder event in Chicag...

JT is not only empowered by our success... he is also your shortcut to success!

The Top 1% experience at JT Foxx's house was an experience that I will never forget. The ideas were overwhelming and top notch. Great atmosphere and nothing was spared in making us feel like home. This event gave me practical advise that will help me take my business to the next level. Only with JT Foxx you can meet millionaires and billionaires. JT is not only empowered by our success... he is also your shortcut to success!

I Loved the Networking

I loved the networking, the people I met and the friendships I can build on. I think this event will help me build my career and business.

9.4 out of 10. It's a perfect score in my opinion.

It was awesome to have Mark Norcross for 2 Days! JT's 29 second exercise on Day 2 was the highlight. The private jet interview with Mark was excellent, I plan to implement JT's 20 step blueprint. What do I think of JT Foxx? 9.4 out of 10. It's a perfect score in my opinion.

JT Foxx was Awesome. #thankyou

I though the Top 1% experience was excellent, thought provoking, and gave practical strategies that can be implemented immediately applied. JT Foxx was Awesome. #thankyou #Ibelong

Dedicated in his Purpose of Creating Success

The Top 1% Experience event is informal + sometimes loses forcus, However, this "sense" of successful entrepreneurs comes through. It helped expediate the formation of ideas + strategy. JT is extremely direct, which is what I need. He is dedicated in his purpose of creating success for his students. The whole organization is extremely committed and on the same mission.

Can't wait to implement it all!!!

This event was amazing. Day 1 - set the foundation. Day 2 - Broke me down. Day 3 - Built me back up stronger and with more clarity. Day 4 - Brought everything full circle. Marco's coaching on self-discovery shook me to the core. Brought me clarity, brought me back to life, living in the present to my full potential. I'm leaving as a renewed woman. I feel I have the fundamentals of business and how to create/grow a business that creates an experience for my clients and solves a problem. I feel more authentic, accountable, and prepared. Can't wait to implement it all!!! JT Foxx is Brutally honest, brilliant, intense, and visionary.

values the success of his students

Fantastic, mind blowing contents! What the coaches taught really hit me in the heart, even on personal level. Value is immense! This event will kickstart our business into high gear. 2016 is going to be amazing for our business. All we need to start implementing what we learn immediately. JT Foxx is a man of his word. He values the success of his students and treat them as real family members.

JT is #1 Wealth Coach for a reason

Incredible event. JT is #1 Wealth Coach for a reason. He is honest, direct and in that way really cares about other people. Fascinating, much knowledge, authenticity, and the real deal.

Straight to the Point

Wonderful! It makes you learn how to THINK for yourself and gives you the tools to do it. You learn what questions to ask to get the answers you are looking for in your business! Most people are asking the wrong questions. It will project my business to the next level. By taking these systems I will break through the glass ceiling in my business. JT Foxx is straight to the point and says the things that most will not about the blocks in business.

He inspires and motivates us to be the best we can be.

The event was phenomenal & transformational. Mind Blowing. Would recommend the Dream Team to every entrepreneur looking to not only improve their business but their life. I believe this helped me identify myself & my "Why" I do what I do. This event will get out business systemitized. Will implement zero-based thinking. JT Foxx is Awesome & the most dedicated person my husband & I have ever met. It was an honor to speak with him & figuratively, get thrown against a wall by his criticism to transform us into better people. He inspires and motivates us to be the best we can be.

Great Event, a lot of content.

Great Event, a lot of content. I will reconsider my business and my way to do it. Learning from the best can make you grow JT Foxx is an Awesome Coach! Love his way to go straight to the point. Surround himself with an amazing team AND know where he's going! Brilliant! We all have a lot to learn from him! Coming from Montreal, my one on one had a lot of value, and he really know how to make it happen!

Extremely Encouraging, Uplifting & Informative.

Extremely Encouraging, uplifting & informative. The event will accelerate our growth helping us make fewer mistakes, the things shared at this event will help straighten our path out making our goals achieved more directly, more quickly. What I think about JT Foxx is he is a very very high energy man, he is very frank which is quite refreshing.

It helped me get my head out of the sand

It was very insightful, eye opening, educational and fun. I am SO excited that I met George H Ross! It helped me get my head out of the sand and get to work! This event has helped me make the decision to eventually buy into the coaching program. He is really cool and smart. It was nice to learn some new things from him. I also really enjoyed meeting Damien for the first time. You guys Rock! Getting to see Tracy and all the other speakers was wonderful and it brought me much joy! Thanks for everything! I can't wait until January for Empire Builder!

JT is clearly brilliant and a master at his craft

This event was Excellent. Gleaned many very important points of action we will implement asap. Really enjoyed meeting very quality people. We have learned things that will help us become intentionally strategic in every area. I expect our focus will sharpen and we will work more efficiently and productively - as well as being able to hand off the majority of it. Since we signed up for the elite coaching I expect to see some awesome results JT is clearly brilliant and a master at his craft. Enjoyed his wit and humor woven in. And his serious focus.

Dynamic and Entertaining Speaker

The event was Excellent! A mountain of information and practical business training that is only shadowed by the mountain of inspiration. This event was my catalyst to action focusing my entrepreneurial ideas and dreams into a systematic approach to success. JT Foxx is a dynamic and entertaining speaker. I truly respect his ability to put together an amazing team.

I Tripled my income last month

I tripled my income last month, I have trust, I have power, I have the right people beside me, I know I will make it! Thank you so much to the JT Foxx team, keep watching me and you’ll find me at the top!

JT Foxx team helped me grow my business by 800%

I have launched my own company, only in July 2014. The JT Foxx team has helped me grow my business by 800% in the last 6 months! What I really like about the events is that they are based on real business experiences that are effective and achieve the results for my clients and my business.

The JT Foxx Event was absolutely mind blowing

The JT Foxx event was absolutely mind blowing; I was sitting on the edge of my seat for the last couple of days. I am still full of energy and want to learn more. This event is inspiring to any new or experienced entrepreneur.

Since the event I have been able to negotiate the sale of my business

Since attending the JT Foxx events my husband and I have been able to successfully negotiate the sale of one business, move out of the city and run our businesses remotely while enjoying a higher quality of living with our family. It is so reassuring to have someone you trust to turn to when you have questions on how to proceed with deals.


A powerhouse, inventive and a bottomless pit of business ideas. The best event that I have attended in the last four months--extremely useful information!

Connect the dots

It was great to learn more about branding and marketing. And to essentially connect the dots properly and effectively.

He is real and authentic

JT is definitely not like the other people who claim to be successful. He is real and authentic and makes time for his coaching students. His honesty is brutal and will shock you at first, but makes you seriously think about what you are doing wrong. He made me believe that anything is possible by taking action. JT has re-engineered my thinking. I know that I don't need to be an expert or have a degree in something to be successful. This event has opened my eyes and made me focus and determined. I will not miss another JT Foxx event.

JT Foxx is a Dynamic Leader

who cares for his people and trainees. His knowledge is second to none and imparts the information in an easy understandable way. The whole event is life changing for me in my mindset and the confidence to take action.Also it is important to look at the results rather than the challenges and obstacles

It's a WOW event!

Amazing Guy! It's a WOW event!


Dynamic young man who is driven & has a purpose. His ideas and models and motivation has blown my mind! Exceptional! I have never attended such an informative, reinventing & challenging meeting!

I am so glad that I came

I am so glad that I came because I have learned so many things that I will be implementing in my business, and I wouldn’t have known them if I didn’t come. I also learned so much about branding for my business and I can’t wait to put it to work. I wasn’t to sure how much value I would actually get from this event.

Watch out world!

Awesome! It’s going to take a minute to digest it all. But when I master the art of it, watch out world! Amazing. I’ve never heard of a business coach; however, it is much needed in my life. I’m in a transitional stage yet I feel good about it.


I think he’s an innovative, straight-forward 'Business Beast.' I will leave with actionable knowledge as well as knowing I need a coach—that would be the first thing I search out.

This event was filled with excellent tips

This event was filled with excellent tips on systems and how to develop a blueprint for any type of business. I am going to create a system to follow and take action immediately!

JT goes above and beyond

JT goes above and beyond to bring us speakers that are life and business changing. I have referred people and will refer more to the seminars.

Great content

The event provided great content from a variety of speakers all focusing on different areas on how to improve your business.

I had an amazing two days

I had an amazing two days. Both days I walked away from the event with a tremendous amount of useable knowledge.


Anyone would be fortunate to have JT as part of their inner circle and/or as their coach. The notes I took from the speakers and video segments are such a powerful tool to help me as I build my small business.