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"Words can’t hurt me. Fake reviews can’t hurt me. Let my results do the talking and my charity endeavors do the inspiring"

-JT Foxx

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Oei Aisoen

JT Foxx is very authentic

I love that JT Foxx is very authentic, talks straight from his experience, is very thoughtful, and he has even fulfilled his workshop here. JT Foxx is going to keep coming back and teaching so that the levels of success increases. Not many coaches do that!

- Oei Aisoen

Shortcut To Success

This event gave me practical advise that will help me take my business to the next level. Only with JT Foxx you can meet millionaires and billionaires. JT is not only empowered by our success... he is also your shortcut to success!

- Abdullah Alwardi
Abdullah Alwardi
Gabor Dobos

JT Foxx Is Very Professional

The greatest business lesson I've learned from JT is who you surround yourself with is who you become! JT Foxx is very professional. Just an amazing group of people. The coaches are the best in the WORLD!

- Gabor Dobos

Total Life Transformation

Since I joined the JT Foxx Organization, I have gone through a total life transformation. JT Foxx really changes peoples lives!

- Martin Willemse
Martin Willemse
Jonathan Zelenka

I Have Grown Exponentially

There are only two people who change my life since becoming an adult. My wife, and JT Foxx. I am not the same person I was before I met JT. My perspective on the world, how I see myself and what I can achieve, and how much I have grown has changed exponentially for the better. At my current job I see myself as executive material - not an employee.

- Jonathan Zelenka

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