Very motivating with clear and precise directives to either get you going, get you from A-B, or redirect you towards better choices. Yolanda Tyler-Walker , Palmdale, United States
Outstanding & Genuine. A lotta heart! I appreciate authenticity in a person. I feel that I can trust you to take me where I want to go in my business. Giselle D. Shapiro , Long Beach, CA , United States
JT expects the best from individuals. He wants to bring out the best qualities and improve on them, and drown your bad habits. JT is determined to effectively coach his students into success. I enjoyed the event. The energy level of all the speakers kept me energized. The content given allows you to search within yourself to help make productive change. Tabatha Romero , Los Angeles, United States
This event has impressed my business partner and myself Matthew Kirby , Everett, WA, United States
This event was great!! I am leaving the event with a whole new set of knowledge. Mindset was something that was reinforced, and how important it is to get the right mindset techniques. Arnaldo S. Torres , Orlando ,Fl, United States
JT is exceptional, awesome, genius, knows what he is talking about, very humble and straight-forward, frank and honest. This event is rich in content. I learned so much which I can use in my property investment business. This event is mind blowing! I wish I met JT Foxx (and his Team) 10 years ago. I could be financially independent! I met wonderful people too! Highly recommended! I will spread the good news. Cathy C. Jonson , London, United States