This was a fantastic, motivational and life changing event. It confirmed that I am ready to make major changes in my life. JT Foxx is indeed the Worlds #1 Wealth Coach! Phumi Nhlapo , Johannesburg, South Africa
The event was great and was powered by intense knowledge and also based on experience and results. It was an eye opener for starters. Margaret Gobolo , Johannesburg, South Africa
Since I joined the JT Foxx Organization, I have gone through a total life transformation. JT Foxx really changes peoples lives! Martin Willemse , Johannesburg, South Africa
The organization will get you to where you want to be if you do what they say. The investment in myself is so worth the money spent and will have an ROI of unlimited value. Norman Pilossof , Johannesburg, South Africa
JT is powerful, confident, dynamic, logical, well informed and well coached. Fakhri Sakir , Cape Town , South Africa
JT is dynamic and hugely knowledgeable. He is truly one-of-a kind! Julie Solomon , Durban, South Africa
He is crazy! His direct approach prompts thoughts and gives direction. I started out at the event with confusion about my next steps, but having been surrounded by successful people who share their stories and gave me guidance, I now have a plan for the next 6 months. JT and his event were very helpful and it was an unbelievable experience. Cashel Harris , Johannesburg, South Africa
I find JT extremely knowledgeable and energized. I appreciate his honesty and offered some interesting content. I like the guy! Roxanne DaMata , Johannesburg, South Africa
I think JT is a no-nonsense wealth and business genius. Sharing the experience of learning with him is transformational. I've never experienced something so transformational in such a short span of time. The caliber of people I had the pleasure of getting to know changed my outlook on business exponentially. Raghmah Solomon , Cape Town, South Africa
I attended one of JT's seminars in South Africa called the National Achievers Congress (NAC), he is a real gentleman and # no 1 Wealth Coach whether you like him or not. You cannot say no to his programs, very inspiring and illuminating and will shape your future and career. I cannot wait to be part of his's all about success, action and outstanding results!!!!JAPHTA (South Africa). JAPHTA , Pretoria, South Africa
JT is definitely not like the other people who claim to be successful. He is real and authentic and makes time for his coaching students. His honesty is brutal and will shock you at first, but makes you seriously think about what you are doing wrong. He made me believe that anything is possible by taking action. JT has re-engineered my thinking. I know that I don't need to be an expert or have a degree in something to be successful. This event has opened my eyes and made me focus and determined. I will not miss another JT Foxx event. Anita Abrahams , -, South Africa
JT changed our lives when we decided to take a leap. Within two weeks we were having private meeting with a South African Billionaire at his private residence for 4 hours, discussing mergers. JT immediately identified the potentiall of our product and passion, kept his word and today we are doing the paperwork to sign new business for Billions. Thank you JT! Regards Instacom Nellis Basson , Pretoria, South Africa
Hi there, My name is Mitchell Pawson and I am a the Owner and Founder of Western Shuttles. In January 2016 JT Foxx came to Cape Town to share his story of success, I took real special heed to what JT had to say in regards to brand management after the event I put my whole company under review and redesigned the Western logo, Web site and how I do my marketing. Today I have taken my company turnover up by 300% in such a short time, I am now in the process in joining the Millionaire underdog club and cannot wait to see what happens next. JT gets results. Mitchell , Cape Town , South Africa
Results certainly don't lie, even though I'm not a coaching student I learn alot at the JT Foxx events and I implement everything I learn. Jimmy Sauces hired me to help them create Brand awareness and increase their sales in Durban in 2015. I just got the sales figures for 2015 & Durban showed the highest growth increase by 134.3% Thank you for hosting all your great events, they have made a world of difference in my life, and the people I have met are top quality people who I can do business with. Toni Baptista , Durban, South Africa
I thought it was brilliant and extremely well executed. Very authentic and didn't feel pressurised in any way, but rather inspired. This event moved me to action and get the right coaching to achieve my dream. Never met or seen JT Foxx but Coach D is brilliant. Daneel Denysschen , Johannesburg, South Africa
The event was very informative, especially filling in the gaps I have. Also very valuable information to help me get started with online. It will help me set up and grow my business. It is a new business I have just started setting it up. It will surely assist me to grow my business & correct/improve my potential as a professional. I noticed that he is more relaxed since I first met him. I'm grateful for the opportunities he makes available for his students. Valdelia Wilson , Johannesburg, South Africa
Amazing. The wealth of information and advice from the coaches and delegates is invaluable and priceless. It has improved my marketing, networking, and confidence! JT Foxx is Visionary! Aneekah Fataar , Johannesburg, South Africa
I loved the nature of the information shared , the amount of info shared, the level of excitement created, the motivation & inspiration encouraged, the connections made... It will help me to be specific about the steps I need to take to be a success. JT Foxx has helped me to realize that I have an excellent chance to be a success. Caron Tobias , Johannesburg, South Africa
This is a Fantastic event. Coaches are really really so amazing pouring information. I am so fired up and Im being myself. The event will accelerate my business, I will be unstoppable. JT Foxx Rocks. With the Dream Team, no one does it better. He is first in everything. Cynthia Mavela , Johannesburg, South Africa
Love the mix of content & transformation. Practical steps to implement in the business and to create a blueprint going forward. I learned to keep re-inventing the business and ensuring it stays relevant. Transformation is a journey. Thank you for the vision you have for our country and for what you and your team are doing to build & create entrepreneurs. Mannda leGrange , Johannesburg, South Africa
The event was excellent and presented in a very structured way with an amazing amount of invaluable information. It has given us a blueprint for steps to start implementing into our business immediately which will produce measurable results. Together with tag coaching we are positive that this will be the best investment we have make into our business. JT is doing wonders with the message he is spreading and the amazing family he is building. The networking will be invaluable to all. Norman Pilossof , Johannesburg, South Africa
I loved it; very holistic approach to coaching. Included soft skills + clear models to help create structure. It has given me clear guidance on actions I need to take to build on my offering. Onika Wasserthal , Johannesburg, South Africa
OK, where do I start and end? its simple, you are my daily inspiration and I wont thank you now... I will thank you in the future. Christopher Seolwane , Cape Town, South Africa
No nonsense, practical solutions to everyday marketing challenges comes too naturally for JT. He blends quick thinking with a vast trove of knowledge to create a vision and perception unbeknown even to the greatest of thinkers. Lukas Oelofse , Durban, South Africa
JT is a very smart and dynamic person. I respect that he has acquired so much at such a young age, and continues to grow. I will follow all coaching advice and make myself a great success like he is. This event was a real eye opener. Chuck Fuentes , Durban, South Africa
It was great to learn more about branding and marketing. And to essentially connect the dots properly and effectively Charlotte Mogashoa , Johannesburg, South Africa
JT Foxx is the most prolific marketer and entrepreneur to have set foot in Africa. In a short time not only has he made a fortune in South Africa, he has also elevated the image of our country. I would recommend all entrepreneurs to come to JT Foxx's events. Clinton Subban , Verulam, South Africa
One of the most genuine people I have ever met. Dynamic and a role model. Optimistic and very enlightening. I have utmost faith in him and what he is able to achieve. Insightful and one of the greatest business minds and entertainers. So much you have at your disposal to transform your business that was unaware of previously Carlito Tema , Johannesburg, South Africa
He sure lives up to being a serial entrepreneur and is concerned about helping the entire nation succeed in their business." Renuka Naudoo, Durban Renuka Naudoo , Durban, South Africa
He is the guy who knows what he is talking about. The event was perfect. Kaarel Viik , Kloof, South Africa
He sure lives up to being a serial entrepreneur and is concerned about helping the entire nation succeed in their business. Andre Du Toit , Kloof, South Africa
He sticks to his word and has an energetic and fun way of doing his talks. He doesn't shy away from sharing knowledge. Full of new knowledge that will help me in my future. Tymon Pinto , Johannesburg, South Africa
He is an amazing individual. Making a real difference in people lives. And mine is no exception. It is hard to explain to someone that has not experienced it. Thanks JT. Wade Trussel , -, South Africa
He's brilliant. Didn't disappoint, got exactly what I needed to hear about property. Completely wiped off all my doubts about if property was the right business for me. Lindiwe Mbuli , -, South Africa
How to raise capital and the simple yet powerful way of putting your point across to your prospect has really sparked the confidence in me to cement prospect clients that Ive had in mind. So Wow Thank you. Jorge A. Carrillio , Johannesburg, South Africa
The seminar was life changing for me. I came here with no confidence and no believe in myself and the worst part is I even had doubts of coming due to distance. I learned about the workshop on FB and that click moment will forever changed my life. I'm transformed in 2 days and have learned the importance being strategic in my life thinking and implementing, I now know the importance of mindset transformation and confidence. JT Foxx changed my life I believe in 3 months I will be a testimonial. From zero to hero just watch the space. Mamokete Dhlamini , Vereeniging, South Africa
It's important to continuously grow and improve your position in life. The setup & running of the training was professional & easy to digest. Everything was useful & can be implemented in life. Thank you JT! I wish that I could spend every day just watching how you do business. Edan Ventress , Durban, South Africa
I am so excited and really enthusiastic to be a part of a leading global coaching organisation. As a student I assure you I am very eager to learn from each of you during this journey. I hold your organisation in the highest regard and have such a huge level of respect and admiration for purpose and objectives you aim to achieve with each of the blessed and fortunate students. My experience thus far has been phenomenal which only leads me to believe the next few months will be so much better. Marcus, thank you so much for your kind and supportive words of encouragement and belief. It has been the greatest pleasure working with you last week. You have my full dedication and commitment to the programme and your guidance. Thank you for all the supporting links and audio’s I have really enjoyed the audio’s. Kim Reddy (CEO) Hlunga Group of Companies , Durban, South Africa
A highly motivational speaker and coach in the line of business & an encourager for entrepreneurs. Trevor Alborough , Durban, South Africa
JT Foxx is phenomenal. He is very dynamic, quick and to the point. The event was very informative and interactive. Vinay Singh , Durban, South Africa