JT Foxx is a very passionate, successful entrepreneur who demonstrates his business success through sharing his own strategies and stories. JT Foxx gave a huge amount of value to all participants at the event. The JT Foxx event had great content that was presented over the whole of the event, and all was very gratefully received. JT Foxx taught me lots of useful strategies and methods that will now be applied into my business. Naz Rajan , London, United Kingdom
I first heard JT Foxx speak in July at the Excel in London and I was hooked. Fully committed. When I then heard him speak for almost 3 hours straight off an overnight flight, without script or aids (PowerPoint), I was blown away. JT Foxx is forever present in the room and holds the audience from the start. He is a rare talent and has a fantastic ethos and quality - that's why I brought 3 of my friends with me to the 3rd London event who have all joined at least part of the JT Foxx programs. In July JT stated that women would be phenomenal if only they knew their own power, built their confidence and kicked fear to the curb. I'm 45 years old and £100k in debt (previous business) but that's not deterred me in any way. I've got the balls to change my life with JTs help and as he always says, it's not who you know, it's who knows you!! See you at Mega Partnering, the Symposium and Florida - excited doesn't even come close to where I'm at EVERY DAY now. I've become more focused on what matters. You can't make money and excuses at the same time so stop thinking about it and just do it Sharon Warmington , London, United Kingdom
JT Foxx is an inspiring speaker who reaches many with his message and personally hearing him both in Orlando and here in London, I now believe I can get my own message and products out to the people who need to hear it and have access to my product which will change so many lives. And JT has given me the confidence to go ahead with my property plans also. The JT Foxx event was a content packed 2 days with the information we all need- no fluff - just specifics which is vital to go forward. JT Foxx taught me to put specific things in place, which will bring me nearer to my goals. - Lesley Knight, Andover Hampshire Lesley Knight , Andover , United Kingdom
who cares for his people and trainees. His knowledge is second to none and imparts the information in an easy understandable way. The whole event is life changing for me in my mindset and the confidence to take action.Also it is important to look at the results rather than the challenges and obstacles Philip Chan, Bedfordshire Bedfordshire , Cambridge, United Kingdom
Powerful, motivational. Best decision of my life to go. This already has changed my life and definitely going to change my business. January 1st, I told my wife that this is going to be the biggest year of my life. It's happening! Focus, commitment, believe and achieve! Vincent Mc Namee , -, Ireland
JT Foxx is an amazing person. Such charisma.Everything he said made sense. This has been the most content loaded- highly informative and well presented event. This event has made me re evaluate my goal and be more business focused for my ultimate benefit. Veronica Snoxell , Berlin, Germany
JT Foxx is one of the most driven, enthusiastic public speakers and coaches I have met so far. He just gives so much. You can feel the once in a lifetime opportunity for change. You get a lot of very useful information during the event. Looking forward to the next step and event. Gabrielle De Leeuw , Amsterdam 2013 , Netherlands
He fully believes in everyone’s potential and really has heart. He can be pretty intimidating at times, but only because he says what you know is wrong in your like and business and doesn’t sugar coat it. His class was fantastic. The content was immense, relevant, and inspiring. Success feels more achievable then ever before. There was a lot of direct information and real case studies. Melanie Clarke , London, United Kingdom
I was really blown away and I received more than I ever expected. JT is a warm people person, extremely smart, highly intelligent, knowledgable, and highly inspirational. I liked the event because it was not only knowledgable but the atmosphere was warm and relaxed. Margot Zuideu , Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amazing! So grateful for the motivation, confidence boost, belief in me and my ability to succeed. I’m nervous but looking forward to the mentoring coaching sessions I’ve signed up for. Fantastic! Really great event with a great team organising the event. Wish there were more in London. Ronald Lumsder , London, United Kingdom
JT Foxx is a dynamic leader who cares for his people and trainees. Phillip Chan , Luton, United Kingdom
JT Foxx is one of the greatest presenters I have seen. JT exceeds in confidence because he has tried what he says. JT Foxx clearly cares allot for people who are prepared to do what it takes to succeed. The event was exceptional and life changing. The information was about the right quantity and looks to be accurate. Richard Angglis , Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom
JT is The Greatest Wealth Coach Trainer. He proofs that his student can create wealth. They give back and speak/teach. I've learned more about business than any other seminars in 2 days. Nelson Wenas , Amsterdam, Netherlands
JT Foxx is Amazing! so greatful for the motivation, confidence boost, belief in me and my ability to succeed. I'm nervous but looking forward to the mentoring coaching sessions I've signed up for. It's expensive but I really really hope it's worth it! I thought this event was fantastic! Really great event with a great team organizing the event. Wish there were more in London. Ronald Lumsden , London, United Kingdom
Very enthusiast & energetic. His mind runs so quickly it can be difficult to keep up but everything he says is gold! C7 London was a fantastic event with so much content it was unbelievable and not only that the quality of that content was unprecedented. Phil Price , London, United Kingdom
JT Foxx is very dynamic + I was so inspired by how he picks up on everything & remembers everything (such as where people were sitting at previous events) - his personal connection and willingness to be personal about himself - very on the ball. The event has inspired and excited me. I already know we'll be successful but with JT coaching & participating in Mega Partnering we're going to explode into the world market very soon. Sarah Richardson , London, United Kingdom
JT is an absolute genius! The level of information he possesses is impressive and he gives and gives and gives all of himself into seeing people breakthrough the ceiling - Even if I didn't get any more from the team I have earned �1 million in info. Thanks JT! The event was brilliant! If someone told me about all the content JT & the team gave out, I would not believe it at all! I can't be grateful enough for the privilege to seat at his feet these past two days. I can't wait for more! Andrew Jason , London, United Kingdom