This event was a good wake up call. There was great value and content you can implement in business. I like that JT Foxx brings people together to make it easier to do business. Jimmy Schartman , London, United Kingdom
He is obviously great at what he does and you always learn something new from him. What I love most about him is his honesty along with his nice heart. Linnea Kimpe , Stockholm, Sweden
JT tells you what you need to hear. No BS! He is tough and not afraid to confront people. Jimmy Schartman , Stockholm, Sweden
JT is hard, nice and results based. I learned to only do one deal and a time and know your numbers! Magnus Berglund , Stockholm, Sweden
The event was absolutely fantastic, I feel tha tthis is the best thing I have done & money well spent. Hopefully I will be very successful! Coaches were awesome. JT Foxx is a cool guy. Cheryl Da'Silva , London, United Kingdom
He exceeded my expectations. Every part of business was covered and I feel like with this knowledge I can build up my business not in 20, but in 2 years. I really appreciate having mentoring from the best coaches in the world! I will achieve my goal sway quicker than ever thought possible. JT Foxx is Brilliant, Thank you. Tamara Jampen , London, United Kingdom
The people are very welcoming. Great content from the coaches, they work very well together as a group. Much to implement, even after the 4th event. This is taking our business global and creating long term friends and relationships. It opened my mind about investing internationally & realizing everyone is the same. JT Foxx has a great concept of global business. Respect. Marinda leGrange , London, United Kingdom
This event exceeded my expectations. It provided connections, networking, new ideas, exposure to different coaches. China & Dubai is where my connection and strength lies. JT Foxx is the reason I bought what I bought. Because of his sincerity, dedication, and effort. Zhi Jin , London, United Kingdom
The event was absolutely amazing. Massively exceeded expectations. Coach Cherie, Kevin, and Jason, and Reggie, were phenomenal. So much knowledge and experience. I like the real world focus and challenge. Its clear that they genuinely want us to succeed. I think this will massively accelerate our business ideas and implementation, get me to financial freedom and beyond far more quickly. Jenny Oklikah , London, United Kingdom
JT has got an amazing team of coaches & having someone like coach Kevin France taking the time to come and coach in Oslo for 4 days shows the influence he and his organization have in the business world. his event was very enjoyable, very informative and we learned a lot of things. Ari Xhezaj , Oslo, Norway
The event got me on the right path, the coaches just lead me and my partner on a new path with the same material. I think his event will create a huge impact on my life. JT is a great speaker and inspiring coach with the ability to get people to take action. Toni Aloha , Oslo, Norway
The coaches are knowledgeable on the core teaching with passion. It is a good dynamic doing this as a group. This will help me to do my plan and get started. I will follow up with coaching. JT Foxx is Mr Inspiration! The Foxx Organization and team are just great! Lotta Johansson , Oslo, Norway
Great experience, fun, alot of good stuff. Just amazing, it's sad that it is the last day hope I'll meet Kevin again and looking forward to be coached by Jason. I'll miss you too Brent but see you soon! This will help me achieve my goals and make a lot of money, build new great relationships and be even more optimistic. I think he really has found the greatest people in the world put them together in the same organization and change a lot of different people's lives. And that's just Amazing. Gideon Reinhard , Oslo, Norway
At DreamTeam Oslo - I loved it. Second day lots of negative "yes, but..." energy in the room. Otherwise a great group. Love the concept of the event. This event will do alot! New insights, great inspiration, clear way forward. Feeling empowered & in alignment. Booked coaching sessions with Coach Jason for Branding and Marketing outline. JT Foxx has a great personality, walking the talk., Inspiring leader, sharing values, empowering people. Happy to be part of that Iris Patricia Furer , Oslo, Norway
The event was Awesome!!! I can't even imagine how fantastic it's going to be. But I know it will exceed my highest expectations. JT is Brilliant with a brilliant team of coaches. Eva Bulow , Stockholm, Sweden
I have signed up for Dream Team Lifetime so I am sorted!! I can now strategically build this business. Jason has given me a new angle that will be big. I have also signed up with Jason - With Steve & Jason I am now on my way to huge success & nothing can stop me!! JT is a Genius! Selects the best people. Maxine B-Collins , Stockholm, Sweden
The event was SUPER! We are going all in for our project in the fitness industry. Strategy, action and we will make a new "game changer" on the market together with amazing coaches! Sofie Holmgren , Stockholm, Sweden
I liked that there was completely new content. Where was a lot of content on branding which I liked. It will help me brand myself better and this will result in more deals being done. I like that he takes care of the students you can see that they/he cares about you. Jimmy Schartman , Stockholm, Sweden
I think it was great. Very good content and still a lot of fun. Very inspiring! This has helped me to make a plan for my new business in hypnosis coaching. I feel much clearer about what I need to do to take the next step. I think he is straightforward and tells you what you need to hear not what you want. He really seems to care about his students. Anita Baitu , Stockholm, Sweden
10/10 Great/fantastic coaches with vast experience and tips. Also a really great opportunity to network and find new potential partners and business ideas. Increase my network = increase my net worth He IS the no. 1 Wealth Coach and has absolutely surpassed all my expectations of a great organization empowered by their students success. Daniel Bjork , Stockholm, Sweden
JT's Coaching made me realize that all success needs hard work. I learned that when you are feeling uncomfortable you know that you are on the right track. JT Foxx has great value tips that you can use straight away. Very straight forward tells you what you need to hear no sugar coating. The event was great. Very high energy from the coaches. I felt like they really wanted to help and not only make money - it felt genuine. Jimmy Schartman , London, United Kingdom
The greatest business lesson I've learned from JT is who you surround yourself with is who you become! JT Foxx is very professional. Just an amazing group of people. The coaches are the best in the WORLD! Gabor Dobos , London, United Kingdom
JT has taken me much closer to my vision. Wow, so many points to write down. Vision can be achieved, just got to have a coach and believe. I do and I know, just need the coaching which is also great. JT is a very authentic person who thinks about value and delivers to all his family of students. Very grateful for the opportunity, really looking forward to a long life with the JT Foxx Organization. What did I think of the event? WOW!! Speechless baby. #familyfirst Harvey Singh , London, United Kingdom
With JT's coaching I feel equipped with the strategies, resources, belief and mindset to make my dreams a reality. The greatest lesson I've learned from JT is that it takes one deal, one person, one opportunity to change your life, but you need to know how to see it, to be ready to take action and to have a coach holding your hand. JT is an enigma... great wisdom, heart of a lion, inspiring leader and playful young man. He has built an empire where every brick is cemented by results. Love him or hate him you cant help but admire him. I absolutely loved the event. Dream Team will be the UBER of my life. A game changing experience that will take me to the future I've only dreamed of before. Sarah Archer , London, United Kingdom
Much love JTFOXX team! You throw the most inspiring events for improving business and branding. I wanted to share my experience. You unlocked something in me and now I am bursting with ideas. I think that spotting and writing down those golden nuggets was a good practise for getting my ideas from head to paper. I was struggling with that before these events, but seems like practising to write things down helped my weakness of explaining my ideas. And this is a big improvement cause I was already good at many other things and feels like it was one of the biggest missing pieces and now I have moved to a different dimension. My biggest issues were 1st - I didn't know what to do with my knowledge I had gained so far, and 2nd How to define my goals. Now I am starting to see the vision for myself and I left with an action plan for the next couple of months. I have started working on achieving those goals that seemed like just a dream for some magical time and place in the future. Thank you for that! Arta Citko , London, United Kingdom
It was a phenomenal event, full of invaluable content to take my business to the next level. It will enable me to generate new marketing strategies to grow my business. Combined with out fantastic coach (Steve), I have the tools and support to make my business a success in 2016. JT Foxx is an absolute legend! He has over delivered once again! John Varzgar , London, United Kingdom
Incredible!!! New content was amazing and great to see so many familiar faces. We've made some fantastic contacts who we will hopefully do business with armed with todays info and coach steve!! JT Foxx is a Total Legend. Brand name for ties could be J Tie Foxx!! It's great to be part of the family. Mark Shrubb , London, United Kingdom
It was very well organized. It was very easy that everybody could sit comfortably to write notes. Each time I attend your event I feel very inspired & I get more positive ideas regarding my business development goals. I'm very much curious about your upcoming events in Orlando this year & I try to promote my other friends & contacts in my networking business. I thank and appreciate all your team for the efforts that you share your knowledge & give us guidance in career development. JT you are the best!! Your team of speakers by Mr Brent, Mr Damien, Mr Jayson & You, You all have something similar in your speaking style, the way how your dressed & that makes you all look the GREATEST!!!! Shoira Jabbarova , London, United Kingdom
As always, JT's events are filled with amazing content. And meeting JT personally - and his coaches is phenomenal. Their energy is contagious and never hyped. And to get the content that JT shares with attendees is priceless. This weekend was filled with enormous nuggets. I have brilliant ideas that I can implement which will help me in growing my business, adding value to my clients, and increase opportunities I can capitalize on. JT Foxx is a master business builder. He has phenomenal knowledge and shares it with who ever is willing to learn. He is one of the most able wealth experts and he is genuine. He is sincerely concerned about his "family"! Jurgen Homola , London, United Kingdom
I need this event every 2 weeks!!! My business will grow much faster!!! So many new ideas, marketing, website ideas, etc... JT Foxx is Amazing Antonio Giuliari , London, United Kingdom
JT Foxx events have great content, great speakers.. it definitely inspired me and motivated me to go forward. Now I know the importance of having a coach in my life and it opened my mind to THINK BIG. At the beginning I perceived him as an arrogant guy, and even though he can be, I admire what he's done. His tenacity and confidence are amazing, and I think he achieved in inspiring everyone here. When I hear him speak, I trust he knows what he is talking about. He has credibility and he seems like a fun guy, I hope South Africa becomes one of his potential interests soon... I would love to show him the potential this region has! Vanessa Vellejo , Amsterdam, Netherlands
The event had great energy. I love it. I will do a lot better in Marketing than what I thought up till now. I AM going to figure out how to bring the WOW feeling to the customers I'll acquire. There are a lot of life coaches out there... I will be the BETTER one based on the quality of my coaching and based on the WOW factor here. JT is a good guy. Very successful. Tends to make him a bit cocky. But it was okay he picked me out to make fun of me. I could handle that. :) Got me some nice conversations during the breaks. Thank you very much. Rens Duijseus , Amsterdam, Netherlands
The event was very good, nice, interesting. Some ideas/advices I think are hard to implement in my business. The tools I got and the way of thinking will make me more successful in making decisions. Olivia Schreiner , Amsterdam, Netherlands
I really, really enjoyed it and my blood is rushing through my veins. I've collected a great deal of ideas but also see there are many flaws that I have to take care of. I will use all the knowledge to improve my business and take steps to make some big changes (which I have to really think about) Caren Simon , Amsterdam, Netherlands
The event was Excellent. High Energy. Valuable content. Interesting followup programs. Fun, Good Coaches. I think this event will improve my business in the following areas: - Marketing-> more clients -> more sales + profits - outsource transactional work to free up my time for strategic growth ideas JT Foxx is an interesting guy. Amazing results. I look forward to do the programs in the future. Jean-Paul deGraaf , Amsterdam, Netherlands
I learned a lot about marketing. Procrastination was the word for me. The examples Jason told us were very clear. I don't have any fear anymore to start. I am more focused on my goals. I think JT is very honest and confronting but this is what people need. Marita Soons , Amsterdam, Netherlands
JT is one of the most interesting persons we have met. He has the ability to see the human in every person and what that person needs to evolve. He adapts his strategy to every person and does not give up until everyone has succeeded. We have been to a couple of events and it has been inspiring and evolving. The Dream Team event has been so useful for us. The four days have given us som much more insight of business especially systems and mindset. So now it is time to be coached regularly to really take our business to the next level. Then of course there is the Family Reunion. That event in Orlando was a super boost of inspiration an knowledge. Just the idea of gathering over 800 people from over 50 countries is so brilliant and unique. We are really looking forward to the next Family Reunion. Having met JT has really been revolving. Thanks to him our lives will me much different from now. We will have so much more success in life. we will be able to help so many more people and spread s much more gratefulness. We have already implemented what he has taught us and it has already given great improvements for us. We are so grateful. JT Foxx är en av de mest fascinerande människor jag mött. Han har förmågan att se människan och vad varje människa behöver för att utvecklas. Han anpassar sin strategi efter varje persons behov och ger sig inte förrän man nått framgång. Vi har varit på ett par event nu det har varit oerhört omvälvande och inspirerande. Allra mest nytta har vi hittills haft av Dream Team. De fyra Dream Teamdagarna har givit oss ett helt nytt sätt att tänka business. Vi har utvecklats i system och mindset. Nu när vi fått dessa i ordning är det dags för coachning för att komma till nästa nivå. Sen har vi förstås Family Reunion också. Det eventet i Orlando var en super boost av inspiration och lärdom. Bara tanken att samla familjen, över 800 personer från 51 länder på ett och samma ställe är så lysande och så unikt. Vi ser verkligen fram emot nästa Family Reunion. Att vi träffat JT Foxx är minst sagt omvälvande. Tack vare honom kommer vårt liv att bli helt annorlunda framöver. Vi kommer ha så mycket mera framgång i livet, kunna hjälpa så många fler och kunna få och sprida så mycket tacksamhet. Vi har redan satt igång mycket av det han lärt oss och vi ser redan stora förändringar i vårt liv. Vi är så tacksamma för möjligheten. Daniel & Mia Kleen , Partille, Sweden
JT Foxx The NO:1 wealth coach in the world gives me everything I need so I can be the best me and reach every goal I have in life. Live training, coaches, a system and everything I need. JT Foxx a man with a vision of helping millions people become millionaires. I am very happy to be together with other people that have big business goals in life. Nothing can stop me now! I need so I can be the best me and reach every goal I have in life. Live training, coaches, a system and everything I need. JT Foxx a man with a vision of helping millions people become millionaires. I am very happy to be together with other people that have big business goals in life. Nothing can stop me now! Lars Petrén , Stockholm, Sweden
When I encountered JT Foxx and I do have to say that since then my life has been a roller coaster! I have taken all his advice and experience in like a sponge... I have been closely learning from amazing entrepreneurs who have built multi million pound companies and I have met some more amazing friends at ‪#‎familyreunion‬ and some soon to be business partners. I have started two (soon to be three) companies, planning on expanding my already owned small catering business, written my first eBook (soon to be best seller in Amazon), spoken on international stages to people in over 51 countries and I will never look back. Vikki Thomas , Herefordshire, United Kingdom
Incredible event. JT is #1 Wealth Coach for a reason. He is honest, direct and in that way really cares about other people. Fascinating, much knowledge, authenticity, and the real deal. Kristine Overby , Aurskog, Norway
My life is really full of unexpectedness but JT Foxx is the best surpriser in the world! He opened my eyes to see that there is no “someday” in my life and he became my Life’s Accelerator. I learnt to make decisions sharply and take action to get what I truly want. Whatever it took! I acted instead of fears and together we provoked everlasting changes in my life. Jolita Lukinych , London, United Kingdom
Over the past two days I have experienced what I know will be the biggest personal game changer of my life. I feel confident that I will get what I need from JT Foxx Organization - to excel in business and in life! Thank you so much for the inspiration! Andi Bing , Copenhagen, Denmark
I first heard JT Foxx speaking in Stockholm Aug 26 2015. The attitude and tough approach was really appealing and I felt that it gave me that energy and inspiration to take my small firm to a new level. It was for sure a "If he can do I - I can do too" feeling. He said so many great things in where to begin, how to brand yourself and that you really have to work hard. But if you are willing to do it - it will pay off. I now have signed up for the upcoming workshop and going through the whole DVD-packages. I have a online meeting with one of his coaches - and hope that I one day can be part of the coaching and show my success story. Annica Thorberg , STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Best days of my life. I would love to come back with friends. Graeme Sear , London, United Kingdom
JT Foxx is one of the most driven, enthusiastic public speakers and coaches I have met so far. He just gives so much. You can feel the once in a lifetime opportunity for change. You get a lot of very useful information during the event. Looking forward to the next step and event. Jack , London, United Kingdom
It's inspired & excited me. I already know we'll be successful but with JT coaching & participating in Mega Partnering we're going to explode onto the world market very soon. Sarah , London, United Kingdom
He is energetic and engaging and inspiring. He says what he thinks - this honesty pushes you to be better you and to take your business seriously. The event was excellent. An arrangement of excellent speakers and videos too. Very content rich and lots of practical suggestions to take away and implement Katie Wardell , North Hampton, United Kingdom
The energy, knowledge and experience showed by JT Foxx is awesome and so inspiring. I used to find him scary, but hat is scary is hearing things I sometimes dont want to hear, not him The best thing you could ever do is give up your time and listen to the awesome content delivered at this event. C7 for me was the moment I decided to take action Tsakanika , Cambridge, United Kingdom
JT Foxx is brutal, frank, and an eloquent speaker. JT delivers all the components with style and humour. JT Foxx is awesome and a man of out time! The JT Foxx event was the best two days of business mentoring ever. I learned more from this event than any other event covering business and lifestyle. The event was fantastic networking with quality attendees. JT Foxx taught me all about branding and monetizing techniques. Nicholas Hudson , London, United Kingdom
JT Foxx is a genius. I am impressed by JT's willingness to share his ideas and expertise with other people and help them in running their businesses or stating new ones. The JT Foxx event was very informative with opportunity to improve your business or start it and meet successful people. JT Foxx taught me that it is important to make changes int he business to be creative, treat everybody well, get to know more successful people, be branded, and bring value to the business. Svetlana Cerabajeva , London, United Kingdom